Keep the size down!

It’s extremely common for people to yo-yo, and to understand why this happens, we need to look at the possible causes.

State of mind
Ask yourself why you gained weight in the first place. When we overeat to deal with: emotional stress, boredom, loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of being loved or happiness, for example, we’re not only satisfying our physical hunger but, our emotional one too. No matter how many kilos or inches you lose, suppressing emotional trauma never works in the long run. If this resonates with you, find a support network, seek advice from a professional, and focus as much of your energy on your mental health as your physical weight loss.

Perceived self-image
I can absolutely promise you that there is no ‘magic weight’ when it comes to happiness. Being less than 20% bodyfat doesn’t solve life’s problems and losing 3kg is unlikely to dramatically change your life. Learning to be appreciative of your health above your weight, is one step in the right direction.

If you lost weight by dramatically reducing your calories, excess weight will return when you start to eat normally again. Consider what method of weight-loss is sustainable from the outset, and you can avoid this problem when you reach your target. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine and teach yourself how to eat intuitively.

Many people are happy with their ‘less than perfect’ bodies, whereas others stress over what could be considered ‘the perfect physique’, so it would seem that setting realistic targets plays a valuable role in feeling satisfied. It’s a mistake to nostalgically compare our current physiques to the 18-year-old versions of ourselves. As the body matures, hormone levels change, you have to work harder to keep your metabolic rate up, and other lifestyle factors make it difficult, (but not impossible), to shift unwanted kilos. Importantly, learn to love yourself now, rather than loving the idea of what you could be.

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