Slow down your training in summer

Too much high intensity training can be detrimental for your health. HV Holistic Health explains the benefits of slowing down.

Low intensity is any exercise conducted at 40-60% of your maximum heart rate. In practice, this means still being able to have a conversation while doing exercise. This allows more oxygen to enter your lungs, (than during high intensity), and subsequently in your blood stream for your muscles. Evidence suggests that it can save you from cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, slow and steady exercise allows your body to burn more fat than carbohydrates - bonus!

High intensity workouts can cause you to burn carbohydrates, and store fat. So, while you think you’re enjoying the burn, you could be making matters worse. Additionally, intense workouts can cause damage to your nervous system, your stress levels, adrenals and immune system. If you’re keen to include some more challenging work, stick to approximately 70% low intensity, 30% high intensity.

Low intensity exercise can also be conducted in hotter temperatures - ideal in Bahrain. Hydration is vital and making sure you replenish electrolytes to avoid depletion will prevent nasty headaches later in the day. We also recommend wearing a hat to prevent the sun directly hitting your head. But, don’t be put off from getting out into the sun to workout. You’ll get much needed Vitamin D, a lack of which is an extremely common problem here in Bahrain, and you’ll benefit from increased levels of detoxification, too.

Embrace a slower pace, and we guarantee you’ll reap the benefits to your health this summer, if you want to take your detoxification even further.

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