We are a Healthcare Clinic where we address posture, diet and lifestyle. We diagnose through assessment and clinical measurement, helping our clients become more mobile, overcoming disability through stretching and positive exercise. We refer to other healthcare providers such as Osteopathy or Massage to provide a holistic healthcare service to our clients.

We offer therapy according to the principles of the CHEK institute. CHEK trained professionals have expert knowledge of both how the body moves and responds when it is out of balance and how it should move and respond when it is in balance. They are trained to identify what is essential to achieving and experiencing health and wellbeing, through a series of specific assessment, interview technologies and goal setting.

We help people from a wide range of backgrounds: Those with specific injuries who are in physical pain; those with lack of flexibility; those with postural problems. Some have nutritional problems while others are neuromuscular based. We help them in achieving overall health and fitness, long-lasting results and a sense of well-being for life.

Your health matters

Initial Consultation

We consider it fundamental to thoroughly assess each of our clients before commencing any programme. We look at lifestyle, medical history, diet and nutrition. We discuss your goals and analyse movement, flexibility and posture in order to set the correct programme.

  • Goal Setting

  • Medical History

  • 1080 Movement Analysis

  • Postural Assessment

  • Primal Pattern Assessment

  • Lifestyle & Nutrition

  • InBody

  • Food Journal

Individual Programs

Following the initial consultation and assessment, we create a program that may include any or a combination of the following:

  • Performance Program

  • Recovery Program

  • Back Care Program

  • Post & Pre Pregnancy Program

  • Weight Loss Program

  • Strength Program

  • 'Sunlighten' Infra-red Sauna

Corporate Wellness

  • Tailored Workplace Consultancy

  • Workplace specific Postural Assessment


  • Lifestyle & Nutrition

  • Stress & Anxiety

Diagnostics & Nutrition

  • Diagnostics

  • 30 Day Metabolic Reset

  • Skype consultation

Functional Medicine

We offer a comprehensive range of blood diagnostics that is sent to cutting edge clinics in the U.K, Europe and the U.S. Functional Medicine tests for imbalances through careful history taking, physical examination, and lab testing. Testing is conducted to determine environmental inputs (the air you breathe and the water you drink, food sensitivity, your level of physical exercise, and toxic exposures) together with genetic makeup to understand how the body’s key processes are affected by your environment, as well as your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs.


Assessment of processes is related to larger biological functions, such as how your body deals with toxins; the health of the digestive system; inflammatory responses and how effectively one produces energy and what we can do to enhance these pathways. All of these processes are influenced by both environmental factors and your genetic make-up; when they are disturbed or imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which can lead to disease if effective interventions are not applied.

Prevention is the key. Most imbalances in functionality can be addressed; some can be completely restored to optimum function, and others can be substantially improved. If we test at early stages we can correct deficiencies, deal with toxicities, adopt an individualised healthy diet and exercise regime and give ourselves the best chance of living a long healthy, happy active life with reduced risk of disease.